The Lupus Clinical Trials Consortium, Inc., a charitable tax-exempt organization, was founded in 2002 to support the process of getting promising new therapies for lupus tested and into the marketplace.

The Lupus Clinical Trials Consortium has over 20 academic institutions which receive infrastructure support grants to support readiness for testing new lupus therapies.

The organization engages in many different types of educational activities aimed at demonstrating the need for lupus clinical research and highlighting issues that are unique to lupus clinical research.

The Lupus Clinical Trials Consortium strives to be a unifying force in the lupus community, with the goal of advancing the science of lupus clinical research collaboratively.

The Lupus Clinical Trials Consortium is not a clinical trial sponsor, contract research organization, site management organization, or similar entity. The Lupus Clinical Trials Consortium does not participate in the conduct of clinical trials.